I’ve lived in the Elizabeth Bay, Potts Point, Darlinghurst, Kings Cross district for over 30 years and in Sydney my whole life. I love this beautiful and bohemian area and I’m absorbed in collecting stories and information about it’s past and present, along with other fascinating precincts of Sydney and it’s surroundings.

After a long career in international advertising agencies, I’ve spent the past decade or so as a tour guide, role-player, event manager and trainer. I also produce and direct theatre, radio and film.

Fifteen years ago I founded the Kings Cross-Potts Point business association and ran it for seven years. Because this historic area is famous for it’s dining and entertainment, I established the Saturday Kings Cross food markets and founded and produced four Kings Cross Food & Wine Festivals attracting over 10, 000 people to each event. So I know food, wine and markets in Sydney and it’s surrounds very well.

I’ve also traveled the world on scores of journeys and have visited hundreds of cities. I love travel and exploring our world.

All these experiences have given me an in-depth knowledge of the history, culture, architecture, arts, entertainment, food, wine and interesting characters and stories of my city and how Sydney compares with other places around the globe.