I have been living in Sydney for over 12 years and have also lived in a few other countries in Asia before I moved here. Everywhere I have lived, I have lived like a ‘tourist’, with a passionate curiosity to explore and learn more about the local culture, history, food, architecture and all the other ‘inside’ knowledge about the city. For 12 years I have been discovering this amazing and beautiful city of Sydney just like a tourist, so much so that I now know more than many a local and would love to share it with you. Hence think of me as a ‘local tourist’ of Sydney !

Before I turned to professional tour guiding, I have had an extensive career in the world of advertising, as a creative strategist. Whilst developing stories and campaign ideas for global and local brands, I have cultivated a deep understanding of people and interacted with a diverse multi-cultural profile.

I have done countless tours of Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains and also walking food tours in suburbs like Parramatta, Chinatown, Barangaroo and The Rocks. I’d love to take you around Sydney, whether it’s half a day you have or a full one. Whether you wish to walk, drive or go by boat ! Something else I am hugely passionate about is capturing anything that looks photogenic. I believe beauty is all around us, as long as we are mindful enough to notice it. It’s not what you look at, but what you see ! Although I was an addict of my Nikon D90, these days I manage to get some great pictures from my iPhone and it’s so easy to carry everywhere you go.