In the last couple of years alone, I have hosted in excess of 50 extended trips for visitors to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji from all over the world.

Traveling has always played a major part in my life, starting well before I decided to make it my full-time profession.

What excites and fascinates me about travel, both professionally and personally is that I get to meet different people from all over the world and it provides me the opportunity of experiencing the cultures and values that they hold important in their lives. Visiting amazing places, and meeting and listening to locals has certainly broadened my mind, and I treasure these experiences.

What I value the most from my own travel is the level of authenticity in meeting locals who have kindly shared with me their insightful and interesting knowledge about that particular destination. I feel if these were the things I valued most in my own travel, other people just like me would definitely seek out the same experiences.