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People from all over the world choose our Australia vacations to capture the Aussie essence of our vast continent – a land of drastic contrasts and wonders. Travel Down Under and experience our unique Australian wildlife, the rugged Outback terrain, or our magnificent beaches and dive sites along the world heritage Great Barrier Reef. And those are just the obvious choices when you think of Australia. Explore the icons and tour the Sydney Opera House, maybe cuddle a Koala or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.


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Situated on the E coast, in the region of New South Wales, Sydney is Australia's oldest, largest and most diverse city. Located in the centre of Sydney is the dazzling Sydney Harbour with its iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. The city has no shortage of lazy bays and legendary surf beaches but Sydney is an adventure playground on the grandest scale with no shortage of activities. There's the Bondi surf, sailing under the Harbour Bridge on a yacht, jogging along the Coogee cliff tops or rampaging through Centennial Park on horseback. Everybody seems to enjoy the outdoors with swarming beaches, buzzing street cafés and the harbour is always blooming with a variety of sails. Sydney's location gives it a temperate, sunny climate with average maximum temperatures range from 17 degrees Celsius in winter (June-August) to 27 degrees Celsius in summer (December-February).

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